Olivia Wymore is a recent graduate of Biology and Art from the University of Mississippi. 
Being passionate about both the arts and sciences, she wants to pursue creative and educational projects that use artistic expression and design to explain and reimagine scientific concepts for many different audiences. Inspired by her previous work with Magnolia Montessori School of Oxford, MS, and her last ten years living in Oxford, she chose to create a field guide for North Mississippi in completion ofher capstone project for the SMBHC. This field guide titled The North Mississippi Field Guide for Young Explorers is intended to be a free resource for beginner explorers to support both a growth of interest in the outdoors and the development of beneficial human-nature relationships. 
She is inspired by the natural world in her personal work as well, often focusing on the complex ways our identities and physical and mental health are affected by our relationships to our natural environment.
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